How to Draw Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Peter Griffin is the leading character of the animated film Family Guy. Voiced by the Seth MacFarlane, he is married with Lois Griffin and has three sons.

Step 1
Draw a circle and an oval.
Step 2
Draw the outline for the arms, hands, legs and feet.
Step 3
Draw the outlines for upper portion of face and head.
Step 4
Draw eyes, retinas & outline for the nose.
Step 5
Draw the outline for the hairs just above the forehead & draw lips.
Step 6
Draw collars.
Step 7
Draw arms, hands & fingers.
Step 8
Draw lines for the dress as shown.
Step 9
Draw the right side leg & shoe.
Step 10
Draw the left side leg & shoe.
Step 11
Draw the shirt's button and sleeve?s cuff.
Step 12
Draw the belt and enhance right hand's fingers.
Step 13
Make necessary improvements to complete the drawing.