How to Draw a Barn Owl

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Barn Owl

In 8 Easy Steps you can learn How to Draw a Barn Owl!
How to Draw a Barn Owl
Step 1
Make two large ovals intertwined with each other and a medium circle for the face.
Step 2
Now, enhance the face with heart shaped figure for the Barn own, make that pointed tip of the mouth it has.
Step 3
Now make the D-Shaped figures for the wings and feet.
Step 4
Now, join the legs.
Step 5
Now give it a complete outline of a barn owl by joining the ovals and circles.
Step 6
Enhance the feet, and make outline for eyes with nose.
Step 7
Now, make those curvy wings.
Step 8
Compete the Barn own drawing by simply adding some more strokes, fingers, nails and more as shown in the picture!

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