How to Draw a Bat

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Bat

In 9 Simple Steps you can learn How to Draw a Bat!
How to Draw a Bat
Step 1
Create a V-Shaped figure for the bat's body and a two small circles for the base of the face.
Step 2
Now, add those two bunny like shapes and the eyes too.
Step 3
Now make those little D-Shaped figures for further enhancement.
Step 4
Now, enhance the complete body by making the wings and giving them a nice shape.
Step 5
Now, add the tiny legs and base of the wings.
Step 6
Make enhancements on and around the face.
Step 7
Enhance the wings by drawing lines and parting them.
Step 8
Make the nose and eyes, along with fingers.
Step 9
Complete the drawing of the Bat by simply adding some more necessary elements.

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