How to Draw a Camera with Lens

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Camera with Lens

In today's modern era, digital photography has become necessity and for this we need camera. Kids like to take photos using camera. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw camera with lens.
How to Draw a Camera with Lens
Step 1
Draw a rectangle and a horizontal shape as shown.
Step 2
Draw two small rectangles & an oval.
Step 3
Draw edge of the lens.
Step 4
Draw two more vertical shapes just below the lens.
Step 5
Draw two more rectangles as shown.
Step 6
Enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 7
Draw the outline of the camera base.
Step 8
Draw the buttons & functions as shown.
Step 9
Draw more buttons & navigation as shown.
Step 10
Enhance the navigation as shown.
Step 11
Enhance the panel further.
Step 12
Make necessary improvements to complete the drawing.

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