How to Draw a Cow

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Cow

A cow is a large figure to draw but we show you How to Draw a Cow in 9 simple steps!
How to Draw a Cow
Step 1
Make a really large oval and two other small ovals!
Step 2
Add the outline for the mouth and the ears of the cow!
Step 3
Make three uneven ovals and two rectangular figures for the legs and feet.
Step 4
Create an outline by joining the whole body!
Step 5
Now, join the legs.
Step 6
Make the fourth leg and feet along with the tail, give an outline for the neck.
Step 7
Now, make those horns, mouth line, eyes and ears.
Step 8
Create the outline of teats and enhance the feet by adding fingers.
Step 9
Now, enhance the complete drawing by making the grass, angular muscles and the rest.

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