How to Draw a Ferret

A Ferret is an easy one to draw, just follow this simple 9-Step Tutorial about How to Draw a Ferret!

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Begin with drawing a small circle and a small oval.

Step #2

On that oval, draw two small stone-like circles!

Step #3

Join both the circles and create the base for the neck line.

Step #4

Now make four other ovals for the complete body, legs and feet.

Step #5

Now, join them all and create the legs along with the feet.

Step #6

For the tail, create other two ovals!

Step #7

Join them to give a complete shape of the tail and body!

Step #8

Further enhance the face with required elements like nose, eyes amongst others.

Step #9

To end the drawing, finish it with further elements like fingers, nails, land and enhancements across the body.

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