How to Draw a Horse

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Horse

Here is an easy to make 9-Step Tutorial of How to Draw a Horse!
How to Draw a Horse
Step 1
Begin with drawing a large oval, small and a small circle.
Step 2
Now, draw a leaf like figure for ears.
Step 3
Join both of them and form the base for the neck-line.
Step 4
Now Draw two big ovals and small stone like circles for the legs and the feet.
Step 5
Join the complete body along with the legs and the feet.
Step 6
Now, make base for the tail and create squares for the other set of legs and feet.
Step 7
Now join those other two legs to the feet and make the tail.
Step 8
Enhance the facial muscles, make the eyes amongst others.
Step 9
Complete the drawing of the Horse by enhancing other factors across the body.

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