How to Draw a Jackdaw

Jackdaws are passerine bird in the crow family and are also known as western jackdaw, Corvus monedula, Eurasian jackdaw & European jackdaw. They are mostly found in fields, woods, parks and gardens. If you want to draw Jackdaw, follow our tutorial step by step for the perfect picture.

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Step #1

First start the tutorial by drawing an oval & a circle.

Step #2

Draw outline for legs, feet, tail, neck & beak.

Step #3

Draw face, beak & eye.

Step #4

Make body.

Step #5

Make wing.

Step #6

Enhance wing.

Step #7

Draw eye, nose & beak.

Step #8

Make legs, feet & nails.

Step #9

Draw feather & Enhance whole body.

Step #10

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

How to Draw a Jackdaw with Pencils [Time Lapse]

How to Draw a Jackdaw with Pencils [Time Lapse]

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