How to Draw a Motorcycle

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Motorcycle

Motorcycle is a two wheel traveller and the space of seat are also limits to two. Motorcycle is a very economical and cheap way of transport and its famous because of its specification. If you want to draw Motorcycle diagram, follow our tutorial.
How to Draw a Motorcycle
Step 1
First start the tutorial by drawing a circle & shape as shown.
Step 2
Draw outline for handle & tyres.
Step 3
Draw tyres .
Step 4
Make lower parts of handle .
Step 5
Make upper sheet of tyres and back light.
Step 6
Make body .
Step 7
Make lower parts of body.
Step 8
Draw another back parts.
Step 9
Make wheel cover.
Step 10
Make engine and other remaining parts.
Step 11
Make lower seat parts.
Step 12
Draw handle and front lights.
Step 13
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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