How to Draw a Ring-tailed Coati

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Ring-tailed Coati

Here is a 9-Step Tutorial about How to Draw a Ring-tailed Coati!
How to Draw a Ring-tailed Coati
Step 1
Begin with drawing two circles, a large and a small one with a triangular shape for the mouth on the latter.
Step 2
Now enhance the face with ear and triangular face cut.
Step 3
Now join them both and make the outline for the body.
Step 4
Make four ideal uneven shapes for the legs and the feet.
Step 5
Now join them all and make the feet!
Step 6
Now make the tail and the other enhancements.
Step 7
Enhance the tail and give some other details.
Step 8
Make the other details on the body.
Step 9
Complete the drawing by simply adding some more details to the figure.

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