How to Draw a Squirrel

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a Squirrel

In 10 Simple Steps, you can learn about How to Draw a Squirrel!
How to Draw a Squirrel
Step 1
Begin with drawing 3 circles, two medium and a small one.
Step 2
Now join them all and make a base for the body.
Step 3
Now make the ears.
Step 4
Make the outline for the feet now.
Step 5
Now make the curved outline for the feet and draw the fingers.
Step 6
Now make the outline for the hands.
Step 7
Make the hands and enhance the fingers too
Step 8
Now make the really long and puffy tail.
Step 9
Now make the further enhancements like eyes and the walnuts as shown in the photo.
Step 10
Complete the drawing by adding extra effects and finishing touch,

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