How to Draw a Vintage Phone

Vintage phone is a dial based phone. It is an old form of current telephone sets.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two ovals and one hexagon. Join ovals with a curve line.

Step #2

Draw an oval, two lines across it and a rectangle as the base.

Step #3

Make outline for the cradle.

Step #4

Draw zigzag line inside the cradle.

Step #5

Make shape for the holder of the cradle.

Step #6

Draw parallelogram like lining as shown.

Step #7

Draw base of the phone.

Step #8

Make dial of the vintage phone by making several circles both large and small.

Step #9

Draw further small circles for the dialer.

Step #10

Make wire.

Step #11

Write numbers inside the dialer as shown.

Step #12

Make necessary improvements to finish.

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