How to Draw Aladdin from Aladdin Cartoon

How to Draw Aladdin from Aladdin Cartoon - Learn in 13 Simple Steps

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Step #1

Begin with a bucket and inverted bucket shape for the base of the body and an oval for the face

Step #2

Now enhance the face

Step #3

Add the details on the face, ears, eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth

Step #4

Now make the hair

Step #5

Draw the neck and shoulder line

Step #6

Now make the base for the legs and the feet, draw 6 circles for the arms and hands and two lines with two rectangles for the legs and the feet!

Step #7

Now enhance the arms along with the hands

Step #8

Make the lower cloth on the body

Step #9

Draw the legs

Step #10

Now enhance the hands and the feet with fingers

Step #11

Now make the unique jacket

Step #12

Draw the body and other enhancements across the drawing

Step #13

Complete the drawing by adding the required finishing touch

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