How to Draw an Elephant

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw an Elephant

An Elephant is one of the easiest animals to draw, we have made it easier with our 9-Step tutorial about how to draw one!
How to Draw an Elephant
Step 1
Make a large circle for the body and stomach of the Elephant and a leaf like small circle for the face.
Step 2
Now create an outline for the trunk of the Elephant and make those large ears.
Step 3
Make it all better by drawing some extra strokes across the body.
Step 4
Now make stone like drawings for the feet.
Step 5
Now join the the upper two stone like figures to the lower to and make the legs.
Step 6
Now make stone like figures for other two feet.
Step 7
Join them and make the legs.
Step 8
Detail the drawing with better strokes of eyes, ears and the tail.
Step 9
Finish the Elephant by drawing all the required details.

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