How to Draw Anna Wintour

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is the British editor-in-chief of American Vogue. She is the eldest daughter of Charles Wintour. Anna Wintour had two children by David Shaffer following their 1984 marriage. If you want to draw Anna Wintour, follow our tutorial step by step for the perfect picture.
How to Draw Anna Wintour
Step 1
First start the tutorial by drawing an oval.
Step 2
Draw outline for face & neck.
Step 3
Draw glasses.
Step 4
Make nose.
Step 5
Make lips.
Step 6
Draw hairs.
Step 7
Enhance hairs.
Step 8
Make necklace & shirt.
Step 9
Enhance face & neck.
Step 10
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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