How to Draw Asajj Ventress from Star Wars

In 2008, Asajj Ventress made appearance in Star Wars and subsequent series. This female character is actually an antagonist. In the movie, Asajj Ventress aids Count Dooku to kidnap Jabba.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two circles, one oval and outline for the legs.

Step #2

Draw outline for swords, arms and hands.

Step #3

Draw outline for the head, nose and lips.

Step #4

Draw eye and eye brow.

Step #5

Draw outline for ear and neck.

Step #6

Enhance the arms and outline body.

Step #7

Enhance the waist portion.

Step #8

Outline the frock.

Step #9

Draw arms, hands and fingers.

Step #10

Enhance the clothing.

Step #11

Further enhance the center clothing by drawing several horizontal lines.

Step #12

Draw the swords.

Step #13

Step #14

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