How to Draw Baby Hanuman

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Baby Hanuman

Baby Hanuman is a male god in Hindu religion. He is often associated with love and peace.
How to Draw Baby Hanuman
Step 1
Start the tutorial work by drawing an oval & square.
Step 2
Draw outline for a circle & arms, hands, legs, feet & tail.
Step 3
Make outline for mouth & ear.
Step 4
Draw outline for eye, nose, lips.
Step 5
Make hairs.
Step 6
Draw pony shape as shown.
Step 7
Make hands, fingers & arms.
Step 8
Draw weapon.
Step 9
Make lower body dressing.
Step 10
Make right & feet.
Step 11
Draw tail.
Step 12
Draw ear rings & enhance drawing.
Step 13
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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