How to Draw Benson from Regular Show

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Benson from Regular Show

Benson is a popular part of regular show from cartoon network and a gumball machine. He is known with its other name of The Park Manager. He has a short temperament.
How to Draw Benson from Regular Show
Step 1
Draw a circle and a rectangle.
Step 2
Draw the outline for the arms, hands, note book, legs and feet.
Step 3
Draw outline for the head.
Step 4
Draw eyes and nose.
Step 5
Enhance the outline of note book.
Step 6
Draw hands, fingers and pencil.
Step 7
Draw the dress as shown.
Step 8
Draw the legs and left side of the body.
Step 9
Draw retinas and enhance face at various places.
Step 10
Draw shape on head and chest as shown.
Step 11
Make necessary improvement to complete the drawing.

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