How to Draw Cad Bane from Star Wars

Cad Bane was a ruthless bounty hunter and belonged to the planet of Duro. He was fully equipped with Blaster Pistol and Flame Thrower.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two circles, shape for the head and outline for the leg.

Step #2

Draw outline for the shoulder, arms, hands, weapon and feet.

Step #3

Draw eyes and outlines for the nose.

Step #4

Draw outline for the face, nose hole and neck outline.

Step #5

Draw outline for the upper body part.

Step #6

Draw outline for the trouser.

Step #7

Draw outline for the arms and hands.

Step #8

Draw the cap and one side ear.

Step #9

Enhance the upper body clothing.

Step #10

Draw the belt and pouch hanging from the belt.

Step #11

Draw the fingers and shoes.

Step #12

Enhance the weapon more.

Step #13

Enhance the drawing at various places.

Step #14

Make some improvement in the head and waist part. Draw feet to complete the diagram.

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