How to Draw Darth Krayt from Star Wars

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Darth Krayt from Star Wars

Darth Krayt was a human male character & born in 47 BBY & died in 138 ABY. He worked as a Jedi master.
How to Draw Darth Krayt from Star Wars
Step 1
Draw the shapes for head, shoulders & upper body as shown.
Step 2
Draw the outlines for the arms, hands, legs & sword. Also draw an oval.
Step 3
Draw outlines for eyes, eye brows & nose.
Step 4
Draw outlines for the head, ears & neck.
Step 5
Draw clothing for the shoulders.
Step 6
Draw arms.
Step 7
Draw outline for the side dress.
Step 8
Draw waist belt.
Step 9
Draw lower portion of the gown.
Step 10
Draw hands, sword & enhance arms.
Step 11
Enhance dress at the shoulder.
Step 12
Enhance the clothing at the chest.
Step 13
Enhance the belt, gown and draw the pant.
Step 14
Draw hair ponytail & enhance the face as shown.
Step 15
Make necessary improvements to finish the drawing.

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