How to Draw Dave from Dave the Barbarian

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Dave from Dave the Barbarian

Dave the barbarian is an american television serial and dave is the title character of this cartoon animated movie.
How to Draw Dave from Dave the Barbarian
Step 1
Make necessary improvements to finish.
Step 2
Draw outline for hands,legs and circle for wrist and body.
Step 3
Draw outline for eyes & eye brows.
Step 4
Draw outline for ear, nose,neck and lips.
Step 5
Draw body as shown in diagram.
Step 6
Draw right arm.
Step 7
Draw left arm.
Step 8
Draw outline for both thighs.
Step 9
Draw hairs.
Step 10
Enhance dressings of dave.
Step 11
Draw legs & Enhance thighs
Step 12
Enhance hands and sleeves.
Step 13
Enhance dressing by putting lines and designs.
Step 14
Draw retinas, teeth,ear,eyes & Enhance face by head band.
Step 15
Draw belt & outline for fingers.
Step 16
Draw sword handle as shown in diagram of cross
Step 17

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