How to Draw Dora Marquez from Dora the Explorer

Dora Marquez is the lead protagonist of the series Dora the Explorer and she is the one that is always seen in a Pink T-Shirt and an Orange Pair of lowers. She is adventurous, cute, adorable Latina girl.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the base for the legs and hands along with two circles, one for the face and the other for the body

Step #2

Draw four more small circles in the place of hands and feet

Step #3

Draw the eyes as shown

Step #4

Draw the face cut as shown and the mouth along with other details

Step #5

Draw the upper clothing as shown

Step #6

Draw the lower clothing

Step #7

Draw the hands and the legs

Step #8

Draw the hands and fingers with the shoes.

Step #9

Draw the other details and have a better outline of the whole picture

Step #10

Add the required final finishing touch with some more detail.

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