How to Draw Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock

Rock is a big name in wrestling world. His actual name is Dwayn Johnson and he has won various titles such as World Heavy Weight and World Wrestling Federation. His character The Scorpion King got a lot of popularity all the world.
How to Draw Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock
Step 1
Draw an oval shape; divide it with vertical and horizontal lines. Also add two small horizontal lines at the bottom portion.
Step 2
Draw eyes in the oval.
Step 3
Draw nose just beneath the eyes.
Step 4
Draw lips just below the nose
Step 5
Draw ear and redraw the bottom part of the oval connecting the ear.
Step 6
Draw outline for the hairs.
Step 7
Draw the outline for the hairs just above the forehead
Step 8
Draw eye brows, eye lashes
Step 9
Draw random line at lips, hairs, ears, forehead and other places as shown in the photo.
Step 10
Create base for the body and arms including muscles.
Step 11
Make the other details visible.
Step 12
Step 13

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