How to Draw Flik from A Bug's Life

Flik is the protagonist of the series and he is quite nerdy and inventive and he wants to make a change in the lifestyle of his colony and the standard of living.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the base for his body with a couple of circles.

Step #2

Draw the outline for hands and small circles too.

Step #3

Draw the similar lines and circles for the feet.

Step #4

Draw the enhancement on the face, eyes and mouth.

Step #5

Draw the eyes.

Step #6

Draw the upper body and enhance it.

Step #7

Draw the middle body and enhance it

Step #8

Draw and enhance the hands and arms

Step #9

Draw the legs and feet.

Step #10

Draw the other necessary details.

Step #11

Draw the final finishing touch.

Step #12

Draw the other necessary accessories and touch it up.

Step #13

Complete the drawing and add the necessary finishing touch.

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