How to Draw Giselle from Open Season

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Giselle from Open Season

Gisella is a character in the cartoon movie Open Season. It is the tritagonist in the movie.
How to Draw Giselle from Open Season
Step 1
Start with by drawing an oval & two circles for head, middle body & back portion.
Step 2
Move on to draw outlines for arms, hands, neck, ears & tail.
Step 3
Make head & ears.
Step 4
Sketch outlines for eyes, nose & lips.
Step 5
Now it is the time to make out the outline for the body.
Step 6
Draw both legs of Gisella.
Step 7
Make both arms of Gisella.
Step 8
Draw retinas and tail. You need to make the hips shape as well. Make some lines over neck & ears to improve the drawing.
Step 9
Finally, make some improvements to finish out the tutorial.

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