How to Draw Icy from Winx Club

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Icy from Winx Club

Icy is a female character from Winx Club and is a witch and commonly known as Lady of Darkness.
How to Draw Icy from Winx Club
Step 1
Draw circles & Draw an oval.
Step 2
Draw outline for arms & Draw outline for legs.
Step 3
Draw outline for dressing.
Step 4
Draw eye brows & Draw eye.
Step 5
Draw outline for head.
Step 6
Draw dressing.
Step 7
Draw arms.
Step 8
Draw lines as shown.
Step 9
Draw hood.
Step 10
Draw boot.
Step 11
Draw hands & Draw fingers.
Step 12
Draw dressing outline.
Step 13
Draw dressing outline.
Step 14
Draw hairs.
Step 15
Enhance hairs.
Step 16
Enhance drawing.
Step 17
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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