How to Draw Kevin from Minions

Kevin is part of minion group which are yellow color tall cylindrical shaped characters either with one or two eyes. Kevin is famous with its new name Sir Kevin. In Despicable 2, Kevin and Jerry are featured together playing golf.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a Y axis oval shape. Cut this oval via two horizontal lines as show in above image. Now transcend the oval via vertical line from top to bottom as shown in pic above.

Step #2

Now draw hand and legs lines with small oval shaped ends as displayed above.

Step #3

Tangent the oval shape and connect these tangent arcs to make a complete shape as shown in the figure.

Step #4

Make dress starting from shoulder to the legs as depicted in the photo.

Step #5

Now make double line circles connected with each other for the glasses outline with the stick touching the ears.

Step #6

Make double curvy style hands as shown in the pic.

Step #7

Cover up bottom of the Kevin with shoes as displayed above.

Step #8

Add lines for the hairs at the top of the oval make several small circles and shrink one by one to make the eyes. Add pocket in the dress and lips to complete the diagram.

Step #9

Complete the drawing and add the final finishing touch required.

Digital Drawing of Kevin from Minions

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