How to Draw Leshawna from Total Drama Island

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Leshawna from Total Drama Island

Total drama island is an interesting kids series which is very famous in children and Leshawna is a female character of this serial. We have some easy tips to draw Leshawna from Total drama island.
How to Draw Leshawna from Total Drama Island
Step 1
Draw two circles, one for face and one for upper body with few lines.
Step 2
Draw outline for hand and rectanle for lower body. make two small circle for both wrist. Straight lines for legs and shape for boot.
Step 3
Make shape for face and ear.
Step 4
Draw outline for eyes, nose and eye brows.
Step 5
Make shape of breast and dressings.
Step 6
Draw outline for three qurter pant.
Step 7
Make round neck shape and outline for hands.
Step 8
Draw hairs and broad lips as shown in diagram.
Step 9
Draw outline for legs and shoes.
Step 10
Enhance shoes and pant. Draw earings, mole and retinas and enhance hairs and fingers.
Step 11
Make some fruits picture on the t-shirt.
Step 12
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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