How to Draw Mirta from Winx Club

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Mirta from Winx Club

Mirta is a female character from animated cartoon series Winx Club.
How to Draw Mirta from Winx Club
Step 1
Draw ovals & Draw outline for legs.
Step 2
Draw outline for arms & Draw outline for feet.
Step 3
Draw outline for wings.
Step 4
Draw outline for eyes & Draw outline for nose.
Step 5
Draw outline for lower face.
Step 6
Draw hairs.
Step 7
Draw outline for body.
Step 8
Draw body.
Step 9
Draw dressing.
Step 10
Draw legs.
Step 11
Draw hands & Draw fingers.
Step 12
Draw legs & Draw shoes.
Step 13
Draw wings.
Step 14
Draw retinas & Enhance drawing.
Step 15
Enhance wings.
Step 16
Make necessary improvements to finish.

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