How to Draw Mordecai from Regular Show

Mordecai is the main supporter of the Regular Show. He made his first time appearance as a human cashier. By physic, he has 6"3' height and has blue color back and arms while his chest is of white color.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a circle and a rectangle.

Step #2

Draw outlines for the arms, hands, legs and feet.

Step #3

Draw the nose as shown.

Step #4

Draw the eyes.

Step #5

Draw the outline for the face and hairs.

Step #6

Draw the wings.

Step #7

Draw the upper body part.

Step #8

Draw the legs.

Step #9

Draw tail of the body.

Step #10

Draw the retinas and enhance other parts of the body as shown.

Step #11

Make necessary improvement to complete the drawing.

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