How to Draw Nikki Maxwell from Dork Diaries

Dork Diaries is very famous not even in kids but adults also and Nikki Maxwell play a leading role in this serial. Lets move onto the steps of Nikki's Maxwell drawing.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

First start the tutorial by drawing an oval & rectangle.

Step #2

Draw outline for arms, hands, wrist, legs & feet.

Step #3

Make face & neck.

Step #4

Draw retinas, nose, lips & chin line.

Step #5

Make ears & earings.

Step #6

Make hairs, eye browss and eye lashes.

Step #7

Make two Ponies and enhance hairs.

Step #8

Sketch t-shirt.

Step #9

Draw hands, wrist and bracelet.

Step #10

Make pant and shoes.

Step #11

Enhance neck area dressings.

Step #12

Finally, make shoes, enhance dressings and shoes. Draw pendant , retinas and eye brows.

Step #13

Make necessary improvements to finish.

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