How to Draw Old City of Jerusalem

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Old City of Jerusalem

Old City of Jerusalem is actually a 0.9 square kilometers walled covered area isndie the Jerusalem. In this tutorial, we will draw Old City of Jerusalem.
How to Draw Old City of Jerusalem
Step 1
Start the tutorial by making rectangle & two parallel lines as shown.
Step 2
Draw line for the wall as shown.
Step 3
Make outline for vertical and horizontal lines as shown.
Step 4
Draw outline for dome shape as shown.
Step 5
Make door at the right side.
Step 6
Draw pillars and main gate shape as shown.
Step 7
Make window.
Step 8
Make doors at the left side.
Step 9
Draw double line borders & lines below dome as shown.
Step 10
Make windows from start to the end of the wall.
Step 11
Draw lines over the dome and draw borders of the wall as shown.
Step 12
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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