How to Draw Rahm Kota from Star Wars

Rahm Kota is an integral part of the Star War. This male character has performed the role of General and Jedi Master in Clone Wars. The physical appearance of him is gray hairs, brown eyes and light skin colors.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval and a square. Divide the oval into 4 parts.

Step #2

Draw three circles, four squares. Draw outline for legs and sword.

Step #3

Draw bottom part of the face.

Step #4

Draw ear, nose and eye brows.

Step #5

Draw eyes and lips.

Step #6

Draw hairs.

Step #7

Drawn the upper body part jacket.

Step #8

Draw hands and fingers.

Step #9

Draw up dress to cover up legs up to knees.

Step #10

Draw long shoes.

Step #11

Draw the shawl falling from shoulder to the bottom.

Step #12

Draw the belt.

Step #13

Draw some shapes in the waist part as shown.

Step #14

Enhance the sword. Add some lining to the face, legs and to the right side of the character.

Step #15

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