How to Draw Ruby Trollman from Trollz

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Ruby Trollman from Trollz

Ruby Trollman is one of the lead characters of the series and he is a self-proclaimed leader of the group who has tan skin, red hair, red eyes and more or less everything being red in color.
How to Draw Ruby Trollman from Trollz
Step 1
Draw the base for his body.
Step 2
Draw the base for the hands and legs.
Step 3
Draw the outline for his face.
Step 4
Draw the eyes.
Step 5
Draw the nose and mouth with ear.
Step 6
Draw the arms and hands with fingers.
Step 7
Draw the upper body clothing.
Step 8
Draw the star shaped hair.
Step 9
Draw the lower body clothing.
Step 10
Draw the feet and footwear.
Step 11
Draw the other minute details.
Step 12
Complete the drawing by adding the necessary finishing touch.

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