How to Draw Shaak Ti from Star Wars

Shaak Ti was a female character and created by the Ian McCaig and Dermot Power for the Star Wars Attack of the Clones. She fought at several wars especially in Battle of Geonosis.

Step #1

Draw an oval and the outline for the upper body.

Step #2

Draw an oval; draw outlines for the sword, hands, arms and legs.

Step #3

Draw eyes and outline for the nose.

Step #4

Draw outline for the face and draw lips.

Step #5

Draw outline for the hairs.

Step #6

Draw clothing of the upper body part including the gown.

Step #7

Draw the hand and finger.

Step #8

Draw the lower part of the gown.

Step #9

Draw the boots.

Step #10

Draw the ends of the hairs.

Step #11

Draw the sword and enhance the clothing.

Step #12

Enhance the face at several places.

Step #13

Enhance the hairs.

Step #14

Enhance the dress at various places.

Step #15

Make necessary modifications to complete the diagram.