How to Draw Shizuka from Doraemon

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Shizuka from Doraemon

Shizuka is one of the lead characters of the series and she is a peculiar slim girl with light skin color, black eyes and hair that are usually dark.
How to Draw Shizuka from Doraemon
Step 1
Draw the part triangle, square and an oval for the face.
Step 2
Draw the other 5 uneven shapes for the other parts of the body.
Step 3
Draw and enhance the face.
Step 4
Draw the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.
Step 5
Draw the clothing and enhance it.
Step 6
Draw the school bag in her left hand.
Step 7
Draw the leg and the feet.
Step 8
Complete the drawing and add the necessary finishing touch.

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