How to Draw Skips from Regular Show

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Skips from Regular Show

Skips which was early called Walks, is the 5th main leading character in the Regular Show. He works in the park as the groundskeeper.
How to Draw Skips from Regular Show
Step 1
Draw an oval, circle and a square.
Step 2
Draw four circles, outlines for the legs and feet.
Step 3
Draw outline for the eyes and eye brows.
Step 4
Draw outline for the lips and nose.
Step 5
Draw outlines for the face lower portion and hairs.
Step 6
Draw outlines for the hair's upper portion.
Step 7
Draw muscles for the both hands including nails.
Step 8
Draw the shape of upper body including the chest.
Step 9
Draw the legs.
Step 10
Enhance the nails further.
Step 11
Draw the feet and feet's nails.
Step 12
Draw the waist belt.
Step 13
Draw the retinas, nips on chest and enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 14
Make necessary improvement to complete the drawing.

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