How to Draw Stormy from Winx Club

Stormy is a witch and she is famous with the name of Queen of storm or storm queen. In Winx club cartoon series, stormy plays a leading role. We break the picture in various part in order to make it more easier for you.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Make a circle and oval. Also make a rectangular shapr for body.

Step #2

Draw outline for hands, wrist, legs and shoes.

Step #3

sketch outline for eyes, nose & lips.

Step #4

Move on to hairs outline.

Step #5

Draw body outline.

Step #6

Make both arms and wrist along with fingers.

Step #7

Draw legs & shoes.

Step #8

Draw outline for hairs.

Step #9

Make retinas & Enhance eyes, dressing and hairs.

Step #10

Make necessary improvements to finish.

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