How to Draw Talon Karrde from Star Wars

Star Wars is a popular English movie and Talon Karrde has a key role in the cast. In the film, Talon Karrde is performing a smuggler role and quite famous for its underworld activities. This light blue eyes and fair skin color character got a lot of fame in last decade all over the world. Due to its popularity, we have decided to share with you a complete step by step guide to draw talon Karrde below.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a rectangle shape in such a way that one side has curve style. Over that make an oval shape and divide this with horizontal and vertical lines.

Step #2

Draw lines for hands and legs. Plant circles in between leg lines for knees. At the end of lines for hands & legs, draw small rectangles. Don't forget to make a shape for pistol as well. Your pic should be look like as above.

Step #3

Outline the oval shape and make shape for ear as shown in the photo.

Step #4

Draw shapes for eyes, nose and lips as above.

Step #5

Draw a shape surrounding the lips for shave as displayed in the pic.

Step #6

Dress up the Talon Karrde with a coat as shown above.

Step #7

Cover up the legs up to knees with pants along with belt's hook.

Step #8

Draw hand's fingers as shown above.

Step #9

Just below the knees, draw shape for long shoes as displayed in above image.

Step #10

Draw hairs over the oval shape as above.

Step #11

Make shape for pistol as shown in the pic.

Step #12

Make lines over coat, legs as above.

Step #13

So far, we have not made eye brows, eyes and teeth. So, it is the time to make them. Further, make snake style lines over several places. All should be done like in the above image to complete your task.

Step #14

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