How to Draw The Compact Pussycat from Wacky Races

The Compact Pussycat is the female racer from Wacky Races. In this tutorial, we will draw The Compact Pussycat from Wacky Races.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Start the drawing by sketching rectangle.

Step #2

Draw curve line & two ovals for front wheels.

Step #3

Make line as shown & two ovals for the headlights.

Step #4

Draw shape above the tyre as shown.

Step #5

Draw lips like bumper shape as shown. Also draw a curve line at the back.

Step #6

Draw middle and backside of the car as shown.

Step #7

Draw windscreen shape as shown.

Step #8

Make circular lines near as shown.

Step #9

Draw helmet and seat shapes as shown.

Step #10

Draw eyes, nose, shirt & face of compact pussycat.

Step #11

Make hairs.

Step #12

Draw umbrella shape as shown.

Step #13

Make stick shape of umbrella as shown.

Step #14

Draw alloy rim, W and 5 digit shapes as shown.

Step #15

Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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