How to Draw Tsukuyo from Gin Tama

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Tsukuyo from Gin Tama

Tsukuyo is a female fictional character from Gin Tama. She is also known as Death God Courtesan. In this tutorial, we will draw Tsukuyo from Gin Tama.
How to Draw Tsukuyo from Gin Tama
Step 1
Start the work by drawing an oval & four lines inside it as shown. Also draw outline for cigar and shoulder.
Step 2
Draw hairs & face.
Step 3
Make neck & shoulder.
Step 4
Enhance hairs by making a bunch of hairs in the middle of the head.
Step 5
Make eye brows, eyes, lips & nose.
Step 6
Make cigar and wound mark over the face as shown.
Step 7
Enhance hairs by making several lines.
Step 8
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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