How to Draw Violet Parr from The Incredibles

Violet Parr from The Incredibles is one of the two tritagonists of the series and she is the daughter of Bob and Helen Parr - she can make herself partly or fully invisible as and when required.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a tiny oval along with a medium sized for the face.

Step #2

Draw the four little circles for the outline of the body

Step #3

Draw the other two circles for the lower body and two more triangle like figures for the feet.

Step #4

Draw the outline of eyes, nose and mouth.

Step #5

Draw the outline for the upper body and the arms with hands.

Step #6

Draw the outline for the face and the hair

Step #7

Draw the lower body and footwear as shown

Step #8

Draw the feet and footwear as shown.

Step #9

Add some more details and enhance the figure

Step #10

Complete the drawing and add the necessary finishing touch

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