How to Draw Visas Marr from Star Wars

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw Visas Marr from Star Wars

Visas Marr is a popular young miraluka female character from English movie Star War. She was born in 3976 BBY and has a dark black hair. Visas marr is a blind girl but have very special quality of force power.
How to Draw Visas Marr from Star Wars
Step 1
Draw an oval for face and a rectangle with one slide slightly curve shape.
Step 2
Draw lines for hands and sword. Draw two circle and four parallelogram.
Step 3
Touch up slightly the bottom part of the oval.
Step 4
Cover up half of the oval with helmet dropping up to shoulder of the character.
Step 5
Draw nose and lips.
Step 6
Redraw with pen across rectangle shape created in step 1 above.
Step 7
Enhance the arms and draw the arms.
Step 8
Enhance the forearms and draw the hands.
Step 9
Add some lining to the dress.
Step 10
Draw feet.
Step 11
Draw sword and add some designing to the dress.
Step 12
Make random line across the image.
Step 13
Give a part of the dress, black color.

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