How to Draw Visas Marr from Star Wars

Visas Marr is a popular young miraluka female character from English movie Star War. She was born in 3976 BBY and has a dark black hair. Visas marr is a blind girl but have very special quality of force power.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw an oval for face and a rectangle with one slide slightly curve shape.

Step #2

Draw lines for hands and sword. Draw two circle and four parallelogram.

Step #3

Touch up slightly the bottom part of the oval.

Step #4

Cover up half of the oval with helmet dropping up to shoulder of the character.

Step #5

Draw nose and lips.

Step #6

Redraw with pen across rectangle shape created in step 1 above.

Step #7

Enhance the arms and draw the arms.

Step #8

Enhance the forearms and draw the hands.

Step #9

Add some lining to the dress.

Step #10

Draw feet.

Step #11

Draw sword and add some designing to the dress.

Step #12

Make random line across the image.

Step #13

Give a part of the dress, black color.

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