How to Draw Zam Wesell from Star Wars

Zam Wesell was a female character and had a very special feature that she can change the shape easily. Before the Clone Wars, she worked with Jango Fett to kill Padme Amidala.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw a circle and outlines for the upper body.

Step #2

Draw outlines for the arms, legs, hands and feet.

Step #3

Draw six ovals and outline for the pistol.

Step #4

Draw outline for the eyes and nose.

Step #5

Draw retinas and lips.

Step #6

Draw the outline for the face.

Step #7

Draw outline for the cap.

Step #8

Draw side portion of the cap.

Step #9

Draw the muffler scarf and outline for the neck.

Step #10

Draw upper body clothing.

Step #11

Draw the middle body clothing.

Step #12

Draw the waist belt & Enhance the clothing at waist part.

Step #13

Draw the trouser.

Step #14

Draw the back side bottom part clothing.

Step #15

Draw the bead's bunch as shown.

Step #16

Draw the arms.

Step #17

Draw the trouser for the leg's lower portion.

Step #18

Enhance the arms as displayed.

Step #19

Draw the hands, fingers and shoes.

Step #20

Draw the pistol and enhance the diagram at numerous places.

Step #21

Make necessary modifications to complete the diagram.

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