How to Draw a GMC Pickup Truck

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw a GMC Pickup Truck

GMC Pickup Truck is a old style four wheel vehicle. It is a solid one and can carry heavy items as well.
How to Draw a GMC Pickup Truck
Step 1
Start the work by drawing 09 point shape as shown.
Step 2
Draw three lines as shown.
Step 3
Make ovals for the tyres.
Step 4
Make bumper & head light as shown.
Step 5
Make outline for radiator as shown.
Step 6
Draw outline for door & shape as shown.
Step 7
Draw backside body of the truch as shown.
Step 8
Make windscreen and window's mirror as shown.
Step 9
Enhance drawing for doors and bonut.
Step 10
Make tyres.
Step 11
Make radiator shape and back side bumper as shown.
Step 12
Draw allow rims, side mirroe and antenna as shown.
Step 13
Finally, make necessary improvements to finish.

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