How to Draw AK-47 Rifle

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw AK-47 Rifle

AK 47 Rifle was developed by Russians just after the Second World War. Kalashnikov is the most common name of this weapon.
How to Draw AK-47 Rifle
Step 1
Draw a shape similar to rectangle and draw two vertical legs.
Step 2
Draw the straight stock, no cleaning rod & trigger guard.
Step 3
Re-outline the straight stock & open top dust cover.
Step 4
Enhance the legs.
Step 5
Draw the gas block.
Step 6
Draw the rod.
Step 7
Draw the trigger & enhance the drawing.
Step 8
Draw the chamber.
Step 9
Enhance the drawing as shown.
Step 10
Enhance the stock & safety portion as shown.
Step 11
Make necessary improvements to complete the drawing.

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