How to Draw an Electric Guitar

Step by Step Drawing tutorial on How to Draw an Electric Guitar

Electric guitar uses pickup in order to convert the vibration of the string into electrical impulses. It was invented in 1931.
How to Draw an Electric Guitar
Step 1
Draw 9 point shape as shown.
Step 2
Draw the outline for neck & tuning machine.
Step 3
Draw the body.
Step 4
Draw the neck.
Step 5
Draw the tuning machine.
Step 6
Draw six small ovals over tuning machine.
Step 7
Draw six small circle opposite to each oval created in above step.
Step 8
Draw three ovals, three circle & one square as shown.
Step 9
Draw small object in the center of the body as shown.
Step 10
Draw small circle over the neck & enhance body at various places as shown.
Step 11
Draw six vertical straight lines over the neck.
Step 12
Make necessary improvements to complete the drawing.

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