How to Draw Bib Fortuna from Star Wars

Bib Fortuna was a male character from Star Wars and belonged to Ryloth. He perfomed as Cheif of the staff and Jabba. He died just after 04 years from the war of Yavin.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw two circles and face outlines.

Step #2

Draw outlines for the hand, arms and legs.

Step #3

Enhance the face outlines.

Step #4

Draw the eyes, eye brows and outline for the lips.

Step #5

Draw left portion of the gown.

Step #6

Draw the right portion of the gown.

Step #7

Draw the outline for the nose and draw lips.

Step #8

Draw the arms, hands and fingers.

Step #9

Draw a ring covering neck, shoulder and neck.

Step #10

Enhance the dress at left hand side.

Step #11

Enhance the dress at right hand side.

Step #12

Draw the wrist bands and various shapes at the middle of the diagram.

Step #13

Draw the teeth; enhance face, fingers and other parts.

Step #14

Make necessary modifications to complete the diagram.

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