How to Draw Bobo Haha from Generator Rex

Bobo-haha is an intelligent chimpanzee from the series Generator Rex. He speaks in his mind and despite darker origins, he has chosen to fight in his own gruff way.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the base of his Body.

Step #2

Draw the base of his hands and feet.

Step #3

Draw the outline of his hair and ear.

Step #4

Draw the Eyes.

Step #5

Draw the outline of his nose, mouth and cheeks.

Step #6

Now draw the outline of his Uniform.

Step #7

Draw his Muscular legs.

Step #8

Draw his Muscular Hands.

Step #9

Draw the belt of his uniform and leg cuffs.

Step #10

Draw his hand cuffs.

Step #11

Outline the Fingers of his hand.

Step #12

Draw the toes and fingers of his feet.

Step #13

Complete the detailing of the uniform and others.

Step #14

Complete the drawing and the necessary finishing touch.

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