How to Draw Henri from Liberty's Kids

Henri is the youngest lead protagonist of the series and considering his age, he is young, carefree, loves to have fun and does not take things as seriously as others.

Show Drawing Grid:

Step #1

Draw the base for his body and two circles.

Step #2

Draw the outline for the ovals and circles and base for the upper body.

Step #3

Draw the outline for eyes and eyebrows.

Step #4

Draw the nose and the mouth.

Step #5

Draw the face cut and neckline.

Step #6

Draw the clothing as shown.

Step #7

Draw the lower clothing, pants.

Step #8

Enhance the upper clothing.

Step #9

Draw the hands and legs

Step #10

Draw the feet, shoes and enhance the hands.

Step #11

Draw and enhance the hands, other details as shown.

Step #12

Complete the drawing and add the extra finishing touch.

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